014: When It Pays to Fire Clients

April 13, 2017

Deciding to end a client relationship is a highly stressful, intense and difficult choice that should not be made quickly or taken lightly. In fact, your decision should be made with all due consideration and with well-defined reasons. It is also important that you take extreme care in executing your decision as you end a client relationship.

Why would you ever fire your client? There are many valid reasons to part ways with a client to grow your business, to improve your capacity or to capitalize on new opportunities. And, sometimes you have just outgrown each other. Whatever your reason, ending a business relationship is a very delicate situation that requires diplomacy, significant forethought, planning and flawless execution to ensure you don’t burn bridges or harm your brand and reputation.

Show Notes: https://ensightium.com/when-it-pays-to-fire-clients/ 

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